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Assistant (Poetry generator)

Welcome to (previously Acrostiches en folie).

This site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. It is meant as a tribute to women, a tribute to love and a tribute to poetry. The more interesting poems are Acrostic Crosswords which are a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords. Acrostics with hundreds of names but if you do not find a poem for the name you desire, make sure you try the the poetry generator ... it can create an acrostic poem in 3 languages. Please note that the wizard also acts as a basic search for existing poems by pointing out to existing poems as well.

Below is a list of categories:

Love Acrostic CrossWords (11)
Names Acrostic Crosswords (54)
Non Love Acrostic Crosswords (7)
Name acrostics (120)
Love Acrostics (39)
Favorite poems by others (20)
Mots Croisés (27)
Sensations (24)
Un monde de prenoms (314)

The french poems are available in hardcopy from lulu: Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.